On-Page SEO refers to the follow of enhancing websites to substantiate a high ranking and gain further relevant traffic from search engines. It includes a page’s content equally as HTML ASCII file which could be optimized in distinction to off-page SEO that deals with link building and altogether entirely totally different sorts of external activities. quite the foremost necessary activities that kind house unita|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a section} of on-page SEO area unit mentioned below: –

On Page SEO Techniques & Activities

  1. H1 Heading

H1 Heading Tag has traditionally been thought of one in each of the foremost necessary ranking factors and a vital signal to look engines regarding the matter that the content of a page deals with. usually the user sees the headline on landing on a particular page. So, it is the headline that creates the traveller feel assured that he is at the correct place and may notice the knowledge he is probing for.

H1 Heading Tag – Code Sample


<H1>Example H1 Heading</H1>


  1. Meta Title

Meta title is used for passing data directly search engines that lack direct access to it. The limit of Meta title tag is fifty 5 to sixty characters.

Meta Title Tag – Code Sample


<title>Example Title</title>



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  1. Meta Description

The meta tag description tag in HTML refers to the 100 fifty 5 to 100 and sixty character extract that summarizes the content of an online page. Search engines usually use these extracts to vary guests to grasp what a page is regarding before they click on that.

Meta Description Tag – Code Sample


<meta name=”description” content=”This is an example of a meta description. This will often show up in search results.”>



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  1. Unique Content

Content is what people explore for, in many forms. it’s attending to be at intervals the sort of Wikipedia pages, articles, video, blogs or social media. the upper the quality of your content, the higher area unit your ranking.

  1. Alternative Text

The google is not scan the image, google scan the EL. text. That why EL Text is very necessary at intervals the on page SEO. another text is Associate in Nursing HTML attribute that’s used for providing a first-rate level browse of an image file’s contents. one in each of the foremost common uses of various text is to produce text for guests World Health Organization cannot browse photos in their browsers.

  1. Image Optimization

In the simple word, we have got AN inclination to cut back the size of the image. Image improvement is that the work of lossy and lossless compression. The variations in image formats area unit as a results of the excellence among the means lossy and lossless algorithms area unit used for optimizing a picture.

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  1. Bold/Italic

Usage of bold/italic in content helps in light-weight necessary lines. It makes readers impede their reading pace and skim alright.

  1. Hyperlink or Anchor Text

Anchor text refers to clickable text throughout a} terribly link. SEO specialists impose that anchor text must be relevant to the page you’re linking it to, instead of generic text.

  1. Content is more than HTML coding

Always detain mind, net site content is over the HTML writing as a results of the Google checks the content. If the content is unbelievably but your page isn’t optimized properly.

  1. Sitemap

A sitemap is associate XML file that is stuffed with URLs of your individual websites. it is a bit like associate archive of each site on your computing device.

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  1. Txt

Robot. TxT is that the modify or interdict the golem (Crawler or fauna or Spider). site householders utilize the /robot.txt file to supply commands regarding their web site to web robots. this could be referred to as The Robots Exclusion Protocol.

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Example –

  1. Allow indexing of everything

User-agent: *



User-Agent: *

Allow: /

  1. Disallow indexing of everything

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

  1. Disallow indexing of a specific page

User-agent: *

Disallow: /about-us

This code means owner allow the whole website for the Google Crawler.

User-agent List

Crawler         User Agent

Google          Googlebot

Google News  Googlebot-News

Google Images         Googlebot-Image

Google Mobile Googlebot-Mobile

Google AdSense       Mediapartners-Google

Google AdsBot          AdsBot-Google

Yahoo  Slurp / YahooSeeker

Bing    Bingbot

MSN Microsoft          msnbot

Baidu  Baiduspider

Naver (Korean)        Yeti

Yandex          YandexBot

Yandex Images        YandexImages

  1. Canonical Issue

A canonical issue happens once 301 redirects are not placed in correct order. this means that your computing device square measure typically opened by search engines from many alternative URLs.

Canonical Tag – Code Sample

<link rel=”canonical” href=”http://example.com/blog” />

  1. Broker Link/404 Found

The show of 404 page implies that the initial page is gone.

  1. Keyword Density

Keyword density implies that the sharp of times a keyword or phrase looks on a web page as compared to the whole vary of words on that page. the primary keyword density could be a try of to 3 and secondary keyword density is one to twenty. The formula of keyword density is (number of keyword/total vary of associate article)*100.

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  1. Keyword Proximity

Keyword proximity suggests that the gap between individual keywords of a research term.

  1. Keyword Prominence

In SEO, keyword prominence suggests that outstanding placement of keywords or phrases in a {very} very website.

  1. Check Grammar and Spelling

Grammar and orthography checks unit essential to make content fair. High authority sites supply importance to contents with error free synchronic linguistics and spellings.

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  1. TUD – Title, URL, Description

TUD suggests that your page keyword place at intervals the Title, URL, and description. The title, URL, and descriptions facilitate search engines to grasp what a page is all regarding. Click through rates improve as a result.

  1. Mobile Friendly Website

A mobile-friendly internet web site} might be a site that’s meant in associate extremely manner to point out totally on very little screens of tablets and smartphones.

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  1. Website Speed Load Time

Website speed load time implies that the time required to all show the content of a specific page. If internet site|the internet site} load time could be a smaller quantity than the plenty of someone comes and web site opens in no time.

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On-page SEO includes an oversized vary of activities like H1 title, meta title, meta description, the presence of distinctive, relevant content, totally different text etc. of those unit vital for the success of associate SEO campaign.

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