For getting effective result of SEO keyword is the base and when you nailed SEO, it starts bring Organic Results.

Complete result of SEO is depends on its keywords planning. If you take correct decision on choosing your keyword you will get better result in short time period.

There are different types of Keywords in SEO.

Choose a relevant and best keywords which gives a maximize result in increasing the ranking for your website. There are 9 types of Keywords which we usually use for optimizing any website. There are mostly two kinds of keywords

1) Short-tail keyword:- Short tail keyword is also known as head keyword. The keyword which is made up of three words or less than three words is count under short-tail keyword. Short-tail keywords are more searched as compared to long-tail keywords. It has high competition and low conversion rate. For example: – DVD Player, Best DVD player.

2) Long-tail Keywords:- The keywords which is made up is more three words are counted under Long-tail keywords. Long-tail Keywords have low search volume and more specific as compare to Short-tail keyword. It has low competition and high conversion rate. For example: – white diamond designer ring, PVC sole safety shoes.

3) Short-term fresh Keyword: – The keywords which are made up of three words or less than three words by using some special words which helps in increasing the organic results. Such keywords have medium competition, high conversion rate. Mostly these are used in news website or other updating websites.

4) Long-Term evergreen Keyword: – These are those keywords are made up of more than three words. These keywords are relevant all the time and have a moderate search volume with medium competition rate and having high conversion rate. These keywords are made up of by focusing on evergreen keywords. Such keywords have sufficient constant searches on search engine.

5) Product defining keyword:- Such keywords are made up of specific product defining keyword. Product defining keywords have low search volume and with having low search volume there is low competition and such keywords have high conversion rate as when searchers go for product defining keyword, they already are at earlier stage of conversion and having high conversion power.

6) Customer Defining Keyword:- Such keywords are made up by targeting customers, such keywords are very similar with original keyword and compose by targeting audience. Customers defining keywords have low search volume and along with low search volume they have low competition but have high rate of conversion. For example: – Best women watches.

7) Geo-targeting keyword:-Such keywords are composed by targeting specific city, state, and country. Such keywords give relevant result and have low search volume with low competition rate, and high conversion rate.

 8) Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keyword:- LSI keyword are the most effective as it analyze others people words searching and guide to set a effective and relevant keyword for you through suggested keywords. Such keyword have low search volume and low competition rate but having high conversion rate.

9) Intent targeting keyword: – Intent Targeting keywords fall under these activities a) Informational b) commercial c) transactional

  • Informational:- when users wants any information then they do search there keyword with using benefits of, ways to, guide on, facts of, advantage/disadvantage of, merits/demerits of etc. such keywords comes under informational keywords.
  • Commercial: – Users which do commercial intent search are more serious towards purchase and having high conversion rate. Such keywords are made up of using such words in their keywords like:- specification, fees, place of origin, etc. such keywords have complete product specification.
  • Transactional: – Such keywords are having comparing words like: – best price, sale, best quality, guaranteed, new offer, etc. users try to search their required product from multiple store.

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