WordPress is one among the foremost usually used blogging platforms at the moment. The usage of WordPress security plugins will in an exceedingly good way minimize the chance of a web site obtaining hacked. These security plugins are equipped with several options that create WordPress based mostly blogs safe from differing kinds of vulnerabilities. Here are a number of the simplest free WordPress security plugins that you’ll use to stay your web log safe:-

2017 Top 10 Best Free WordPress Security Plugins

  1. WordFence Plugin

The web application Firewall of WordFence ensures that the user’s web log isn’t hacked. It leverages identical proprietary feed and alerts you promptly just in case your web site is compromised. Real time visibility of traffic is ensured by the Live Traffic read that conjointly shares details of hacking tries on your WordPress based mostly web site. this can be a totally free and open supply. you’ll get premium API key that provides country interference, positive identification auditing, real time updates to Threat Defense Feed and premium quality of support and two-factor authentication.

  1. All In One Security & Firewall Plugin

WordPress as a platform is quietly. however it helps in adding some else security and Firewall to your web site by adding a secure plugin that applies plenty of prescribed security practices. This plugin can take the safety of your web site to a totally new level. The tired One plugin has been designed and has been written by specialists and is easy and perceive. It minimizes security risks by checking all vulnerabilities and implementing and applies the newest suggested security practices of WordPress and techniques.

  1. BulletProof Security Plugin

This plugin comes with the feature with the one-click setup wizard. It comes with hidden plugin folders, login security, and watching options also. it’s equipped with .htaccess web site Security Protection (Firewalls).

The Setup Wizard AutoFix (AutoWhitelist/AutoSetup/AutoCleanup) and idle session logout (ISL) are some attention-grabbing options of BulletProof Security plugin. it’s conjointly equipped with the options of security work, HTTP error work, UI theme skin changer (3 theme skins) and intensive system information also.

The Auth Cookie Expiration (ACE), dB Table Prefix Changer, dB Backup work, DB backup, front end, backside and maintenance mode are a number of the opposite options of BulletProof Security.

  1. iThemes Security Plugin

iThemes Security provides users quite thirty ways that to secure and offer protection to your WordPress web site. 30,000 new websites are hacked day after day as per average. WordPress sites are typically a straightforward target attributable to plugin vulnerabilities, outdates code and weak passwords. Most WordPress admins don’t seem to be attentive to their vulnerability however iThemes Security locks WordPress, resolves common holes, checks automatic attacks and conjointly strengthens user credentials. Equipped with modern options for knowledgeable users and this security plugin will strengthen the safety of your WordPress based mostly web log.

  1. Sucuri Security Plugin

This plugin is on the market for complimentary to all or any WordPress based mostly websites. This security suite is supposed to spice up your gift security posture. It offers users with variety of security measures for his or her web site like file integrity watching, security activity watching, remote malware watching, effective security hardening, post-hack security actions, security notifications and web site Firewall.

  1. WP Antivirus Site Protection Plugin

This security plugin is very effective in sleuthing, preventing and removing dangerous viruses and suspicious codes. It will assist you to discover fraud tools, spyware, adware, hidden links, Trojan horses, rootkits, worms, redirection etc. WP Antivirus {site|website|web web site} Protection will scan theme files and conjointly analyze the files on your WordPress site. It will deep scan every file on your web site, provide a daily update of virus info, take away Quarantine and malware, heuristic logic and alerts & notifications within the admin space and conjointly through email.

  1. Acunetix WP SecurityScan Plugin

This is a free and complete security tool that helps in creating your WordPress installation safer. It conjointly offers corrective measures for info security, version activity, securing file permissions and WordPress admin protection. It conjointly provides corrective actions for file permissions, passwords, info security, version activity and WordPress admin protection/security.

  1. 6Scan Security Plugin

This is the entire auto-fix protection plugin that you’ll use to shield your WordPress based mostly web site against hackers. the safety scanner not solely offers rule-based protection however conjointly uses modern algorithms to search out and fix security connected problems mechanically. half dozen Scan Security offers protection from SQL Injection, CSRF, directory traversal, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), remote file inclusion, totally different DoS conditions and every one OWASP prime security vulnerabilities.

  1. Clef Two- Factor Authentication Plugin

It is conjointly best WordPress security plugin within the world 2017.

  1. Vaultpress Plugin

This is a period backup and security scanning service that has been designed to be used in WordPress based mostly sites. It offers easy support for every comment, media file, post, revision, file and dashboard setting on your web site for its servers.

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