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Meaning of Digital Marketing?

Meaning of Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing of any kind of goods and services using digital channels. Before study digital marketing you must know about the term of “marketing”.



“Digital Marketing” is the two different terms, one is “digital” and other is “marketing”. Here “digital” means to be on internet and “Marketing” means the place of interacting of seller with buyers. After combining the both different teams “Digital Marketing”, it means the interaction of buyer and seller related to any kind of product and services through using internet or digital channels.



“Marketing” is the local marketing which is mostly adopted by big businessman in Traditional time as it required the huge amount of investment and due to this reason numbers of best small business man can’t able to grow their business and on other hand “Digital Marketing” is the worldwide marketing which is adopted by small as well as big businessman as here any business can established by investing less amount of investment and it is the part of modern marketing.

In other words we can also say “Digital Marketing “as online marketing, web Marketing, E-Marketing, internet marketing etc.

Digital marketing is the less costly and more effective from apart of customers as well as producers or businessman. As by investing less amount of money we can start up any kind of business and make our business as a brand in short time period. Here we get wide platform for every kind of producer as well as consumer.


As Digital Marketing is the best medium to connect with the customers or to reach new and potential customers across the world.

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