A reliable program doesn’t try and come back to pages that match the foremost appropriate input question. It rather tries to answer the fundamental question. Search engines like Google use an advanced algorithmic rule to choose what results ought to come back. Here square measure a number of the most recent Google updates that have caused a modification within the manner of doing SEO: –

What is Google Panda Update?

The Google Panda Update may be a search filter that was introduced with the most aim to prevent sites with inferior quality of content to amass prime rankings on Google. Since its launch in 2011, Panda has been updated sporadically. once associate degree update happens, sites that are affected might survive, provided they need created the required changes. Panda may catch sites that have loose before.

The latest version launched in 2016 decreases or adjusts the ranking of an internet site instead of devaluing or ignoring the spam as within the case of sphenisciform seabird four.0. it’s currently a district of Google’s core algorithmic rule. there’ll currently be additional updates to Panda. however this won’t bring any positive modification within the condition of internet sites that had been antecedently wedged by earlier Panda updates.

What is Google Penguin Update?

Google sphenisciform seabird Update was launched in April 2012 to catch that square measure believed to spam Google’s search results. They did this either by shopping for links or exploit them through link networks designed in the main to reinforce rankings on Google. the most recent update of sphenisciform seabird, Penguin 4.0 was launched last year. As a results of this variation in algorithmic rule, sphenisciform seabird has become additional page specific. Now, sphenisciform seabird undervalues spam by adjusting rankings on the idea of spam rankings rather than poignant a site’s ranking. Google has additionally make sureed that it won’t confirm sphenisciform seabird updates in future.

What is Google Hummingbird Update?

Google bird Update was launched in 2013 to return back higher results. It pays attention associatey|to any or all} or any words in an passing question. It takes into thought the whole sentence rather than specific words. the foremost aim of bird is to form certain that the pages that match which means perform higher instead of the pages that match alone some of words. apodiform bird update isn’t a penalty-based update like Panda and sphenisciform seabird. Rather it’s a modification within the method Google shows results for various kinds of queries. this allows the computer programme to grasp the precise that means behind a question rather than the separate terms in it. it’s conjointly higher for managing informal queries since the quantity of voice searches and mobile search users is on the increase.

What is Google Pigeon Update?

The Google columbiform bird Update was launched in 2014 to supply a lot of useful, relevant and precise native search results that are closely connected with standard internet search ranking signals. It conjointly enhances their distance and site ranking parameters. As AN rule, columbiform bird affects search results among Google Maps moreover as Google internet Search. Earlier, individuals accustomed get terribly completely different results whereas looking out Google and Google Maps. This has modified since the launch of columbiform bird. The rule connects map search and internet search in a very a lot of unified manner.


Google rule updates became one thing quite common lately. The launch of latest updates like Panda, Penguin, apodiform bird and columbiform bird have caused a profound modification within the method of doing SEO.

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