Almost each individual lately need to form the most effective use of on-line or offline resources so as to earn cash. Google AdSense program is one in every of the foremost effective resources victimization that you’ll be able to earn a decent quantity of cash for blogs, YouTube based mostly resources and games. Here area unit some steps that you’ll be able to adopt for obtaining AdSense approval for your website:-

Top 9 Best Tips for Google AdSense Approval For Your Website

  1. Write unique and high-quality content

Your web site has to have sufficient content for Google specialists to form a review. Google highs values and pays attention to a site’s content before acceptive it. If your web site has poorly written content with grammatical errors, Google can reject it straightaway. you wish to make sure that your web site has not simply grammatically correct content however additionally distinctive to supply worth to guests UN agency encounter it. Therefore, ensure that your content has correct headings and bullet points, no orthography mistakes or synchronic linguistics based mostly errors, has the substantial length and is very informative.

  1. Proper website navigation

If your web site has smart navigation, then the time spent by guests can increase to an excellent extent. The bounce rate decreases as a result and folks don’t leave as a result of that they had problem in accessing the knowledge given on your web site.

  1. Have a sufficient number of posts and contents

There area unit instances wherever websites with over three hundred posts are becoming rejected by Google AdSense whereas some with but ten are becoming approved. specialists area unit of the opinion that the most effective time to use for Google AdSense is after you have a minimum of twenty high-quality contents. every of them ought to have a minimum of a length of 600 words.

  1. Great Website Design

Google offers precedence to websites that have an excellent style. These days, netsites that area unit responsive within the web and mobile versions area unit given larger importance. So, if your web site is responsive in each versions, possibilities of your AdSense application obtaining approved can rise considerably.

  1. Use quality image

Many web site house owners area unit of the opinion that longing for pictures on Google and victimization them in their own posts is OK. However, this isn’t true. Taking pictures from different websites isn’t a wise issue to try to to as a result of these pictures may need a copyright in hand by the one who made the image.

  1. Don’t use gambling and adult content

Google has introduced variety of restrictions on content associated with gambling and creative activity. Gambling is legal during a range of nations and you would possibly encounter readers from these countries. However, Google can solely permit you to utilize AdSense on pages that area unit associated with gambling if you’re the national of a rustic wherever gambling is legal.

  1. Website submit in Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster Tools modify webmasters to visualize the standing of compartmentalization and for optimizing visibility of their sites. By submitting your web site in Google Webmaster, you’ll be able to ensure that your web site is crawled by Google’s spiders.

  1. Optimized with the meta tag like meta title and meta description

Meta tags area unit snippets of text that offer search engines an inspiration of what the content of a web site is all regarding. Meta descriptions, on the opposite hand, provide a quick description of content of a webpage. they’re extremely helpful for providing users with details concerning the contents of an internet site.

  1. Create the about us page, contact us page and privacy policy page

Creating these pages is important to form certain that your application in Google AdSense is accepted. These pages produce a sway that you simply area unit an expert and area unit operating as per policies of Google. Having a privacy page could be a necessary demand for Google AdSense.

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