If you’re a web site owner, then you’re possible to need the services of an online hosting company. HostGator is one among the foremost notable internet hosting firms in Bharat at the present and is usually used for WordPress primarily based sites. however as within the case of all alternative internet hosting firms, HostGator has its own share of benefits and and points. a number of the main execs and cons of hosting with HostGator are mentioned below:-

HostGator Web Hosting Expert Review – Check Advantage and Disadvantage


The company was established in October 2002 by a student of Florida Atlantic University named brant goose Oxley. By the year 2006, HostGator had quite two hundred,000 registered domains.


HostGator offers a good vary of service plans to web site house owners. the main ones that it’s providing at the present embrace Hatching set up, Baby Plan, and Business set up. The Hatching set up includes a single domain and includes unmetered information measure and one-click installs. The service package starts at $3.95 (Rs.222) per month. Baby Plan, on the opposite hand, includes unlimited domains, one-click installs, and unmetered information measure. The Business set up covers unlimited domains and has one click installs. web site house owners conjointly get unmetered information measure, personal SSL and free VoIP utility. The last 2 plans value $5.95 per month.


HostGator primarily offers internet hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller, VPS, dedicated hosting and domain mercantilism services. As an area of its internet hosting set up, the corporate offers a QuickInstall tool exploitation that you’ll produce nearly any form of aspect ranging from CMS to picture gallery, E-commerce store, picture gallery, CMS, forum, blog etc. HostGator may be run on UNIX system, PHP, MySQL, Apache and is compatible with varied existing code applications.


The Hostgator web site Builder offers a prime quality of drag and drops building expertise. you have got the liberty to pick from a good vary of themes similarly as pre-built sections. Therefore, you’ll build your web site precisely as you wish to and publish it like a shot.

HostGator Hosting Advantage

  1. Presence of a wide range of choices

HostGator offers a good vary of hosting plans that suit differing kinds of companies as explicit earlier. At present, most businesses are choosing shared hosting.

  1. High level of uptime

HostGator provides a guarantee of ninety nine.9% of period that several alternative internet hosting firms don’t provide.

  1. Everything offered as a part of the service plan is unlimited

Everything that HostGator offers as an area of its service package has unlimited of everything, ranging from unlimited area to unlimited disk to unlimited info.

  1. Single click installation

With simply one installation, you’ll install WordPress in but one minute.

  1. Affordable price

When you take into account the variability of services that they provide, HostGator’s valuation is sort of reasonable. just in case you choose for a Business set up, you’ll solely got to pay around six greenbacks per month. the corporate conjointly includes a coupon section and by choosing the SUPER SAVERS coupon code you’ll be ready to save a considerable add of your hard-earned cash.

HostGator Hosting Disadvantage

  1. The price of domains is pretty expensive

In case you purchase a website from HostGator, you’ll realize that they’re quite pricey. Therefore, it’s informed obtain a website through GoDaddy.

  1. Overcrowded

At present, nine million individuals are domain hosting with the corporate. Therefore, there may be the negative impact on every website through shared hosting.

  1. There is high complexity

cPanel has too several details and for a larger amount of your time, customers don’t use them ever. Therefore, it’s slightly exhausting to navigate through these details that are hold on within the cPanel.

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