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  1. What is Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is that the method of locating instances of plagiarism at intervals a piece or document. The widespread use of computers and also the advent of the net has created it easier to lift the work of others. Most cases of plagiarism square measure found in domain, wherever documents square measure generally essays or reports. However, plagiarism will be found in just about any field, as well as novels, scientific papers, art styles, and ASCII text file.

Detection of plagiarism will be either manual or software-assisted. Manual detection needs substantial effort and wonderful memory, and is impractical in cases wherever too several documents should be compared, or original documents aren’t obtainable for comparison. Software-assisted detection permits immense collections of documents to be compared to every alternative, creating no-hit detection rather more possible.

  1. What is Article Spinner / Rewriter

An article editor may be a tool that rewrites the content of an editorial by dynamic the sentences and phrases. The article editor tool is usually known as as content editor tool because it changes the content. and also the contents area unit changes in such the simplest way that the which means won’t dissent. Now-a-days websites area unit building article editor tools victimisation latest technologies like

Cutting edge applied mathematics Replacement Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Part-Of-Speech analysis

Emulated language strategies etc.

  1. What is Keyword Position Checker

Search engine improvement goal is often that in demand position within the high three results on search engines. It will take your time however with very little effort every milestone means that you’re doing one thing right. If your goal is additionally to attain that high position in search results then you may have to be compelled to begin engaged on that, right away. the primary step are going to be to seek out out your ranking that you may be needing associate degree economical keyword rank checker. to not worry, there are several keyword position checker tools on net.

  1. What is Grammar Checker

A synchronic linguistics checker is computer code or a program feature found in an exceedingly applications programme and is employed to search out improper synchronic linguistics. AN example of a computer code program that features its own synchronic linguistics checker is Microsoft Word. MS Word underlines synchronic linguistics errors with a inexperienced crooked underline as shown within the image.

  • . What is Domain Authority Checker

There area unit multitudinous websites, some area unit higher than the others whereas some area unit still troubled. The question is that however will we get to grasp that that web site is doing well, having a visibly solid name. currently should|you want to|you need to} be thinking that there must be some style of criteria for decision making that and you’re actually right. Domain Authority or prosecuting officer is that applied math live that is employed to seek out out the name of a selected web site that is provided by SEOmoz or higher referred to as Moz. it’s a applied math variety from zero – a hundred that was developed by Moz so as to see however will a site rank in results of Google computer program. However, it’s not constant issue as that of page authority. The distinction between page authority and domain authority is very important as page authority is that the ranking potential of one website whereas domain authority tells North American nation concerning the ranking potential of the complete domain or subdomains.

  1. What is Google PR Checker

For any webmaster, it’s vital to grasp the rank of its web content employing a quality PR checker so as to take care of the health of its websites. one among the best ways in which to realize that’s to form use of some PR Checker tool. PR Checker could be a tool that you simply will use to see the importance of any webpage. it’s one among the key factors that area unit accustomed verify that web content seem within the search results and the way do they rank. detain mind that the results of PR Checker will have vital influence on your overall Google ranking. This PR checker tool can assist you to examine page rank of any web content.

Furthermore, whenever you’re checking your PR by exploitation any PR checker, keep in mind that Google takes into thought several factors. the foremost vital being the standard of the incoming links of a web site which suggests that you simply will enhance you PageRank by obtaining additional quality links.

  1. What is Image Compression Tool

Image Compression Tool minimizes the dimensions of a picture or graphics file with none compromise on its quality up to tier that may be unacceptable. the only real objective of pressure any graphic file or image may be to cut back its irrelevance and redundancy in knowledge of a picture file that enables users to store or transfer knowledge proficiently. A decrease in file size can enable users to avoid wasting a lot of graphic files or pictures during a bound memory area or quantity of disk whereas significantly minimizing the time that’s required for downloading pictures or causation them on the web.

Any offline or on-line obtainable best compression software package, tool or program, will be utilised to induce compression. this is often Associate in Nursing influential on-line tool that works effectively on a extremely refined technique for considerably reducing the dimensions of your pictures, photos and graphic files whereas maintaining the resolution and quality of the image with nearly barely visible transformation before and when compression.

  1. What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search is a search engine technology that takes an image file as input query and returns results related to the image. Search engines that offer reverse image capability include Google and TinEye. Some websites, such as Reddit, also provide a reverse image search capacity.

  1. What is Page Authority Checker?

Still curious regarding what’s page authority? Well, it’s one among the key web site ranking and rating factors that’s primarily calculated for simply one page or in alternative words only for single uniform resource locator of your web site. Page authority may be a term that was initial introduced by MOZ that is if truth be told the calculable ranking capability of an internet page. you need to even be thinking that what’s an honest page authority, higher the page authority the additional is that the capability of a selected page to rank in programme results, particularly Google. Hence, checking your page authority mistreatment any quality page authority checker or PA checker will offer you the concept of however robust will your page stands out and the way far more effort do you have to place in SEO.

Now, after you have a concept regarding PA, question arises the way to notice it? For that, you may would like any sensible page authority checker conjointly referred to as PA checker tool. as luck would have it, you’ll be able to simply notice page authority checker tools. PA checker works as a magic tool that offers your page authority score inside seconds. If you own a web site then PA checker is so essential for you.

  1. What is Spell Checker?

A software package program or program feature designed to find misspelled words and apprize the user of the misspellings. betting on the spell checker, the feature could either motor vehicle correct the word or enable the user to pick out from potential corrections on the misspelled word. within the image, is associate degree example of wavy red underlines associate degreed an example of however writing system errors in Microsoft Word are shown. once running a spell check on a document with red underlines, Word offers suggestions for every misspelled word. The red wavy underline may be right-clicked to show corrections on the misspelled word.

The spell checker works by examination each word typewritten with an inventory of thousands of properly spelled, words so uses algorithms to see the proper spellings. If a word, like a reputation is properly spelled you have got the choice of adding the word to the list of properly spelled words.

  1. What is Backlink Checker?

A powerful web site backlink checker that shows all links inform to your domain and their quality is indispensable for playacting link audits! scan on to ascertain however the SEMrush backlinks checker tool helps you to find everything regarding your and competitors’ backlinks.

  1. What is Alexa Rank Checker?

Alexa web Iraqi National Congress. could be a subsidiary of Amazon.com; an organization that’s based mostly in Calif., USA. Alexa focuses on industrial internet traffic information. It provides web users with a free toolbar since the mid-1997, that the user has fast access to internet tools in his browser. Primarily, the toolbar provides information concerning that websites the user visits; and since there square measure already uncountable users with the toolbar worldwide, Alexa will then establish the recognition of a web site still as its competitors.

It is necessary for web site house owners and bloggers to grasp their Alexa ranking as a result of it shows what percentage guests have viewed their online page. It provides them a transparent plan of however widespread their web site is on the net and also the ranking of their competitors.

The Alexa Traffic Ranking is predicated on a 3-month amount of the traffic information gathered from its toolbars. It comes for complimentary on a web site and conjointly provides periodic reviews of the foremost widespread websites.

  1. What is Backlink Maker?

Every web site owner has one dream, which is that the web site ought to rank high on search engines. to realize this goal, 2 objectives need to b deliver the goodsd before a web site can achieve a high ranking on search engines.

The first objective that should be achieved is that the content of the web site ought to be relevant to what the aim of the web site is. second the web site should contain fine quality content. If a web site is commerce fine quality merchandise or services and also the content describing the merchandise or services is poorly written, has grammatical mistakes, is incomplete; the visitant isn’t reaching to get something or come back the positioning.

The second objective that the web site should deliver the goods is to possess backlinks to alternative relevant websites. The backlinks ought to be to websites that have established their dominance and authority on the net, and square measure among the highest ranking websites in their classes on the net.

If you seek for a piece of writing on any topic you’re reaching to see Wikipedia listed on the primary page and among the highest four sites of the program. equally if you’re searching for merchandise to shop for or sell you’re sure to see eBay listed within the leading sites. equally search for books and currently things to shop for and Amazon is listed right high. The question here is, however did these sites deliver the goods these high rankings? one amongst the most important reasons is that these sites have thousands of backlinks. And their backlinks square measure to high ranking websites.

  1. What is Domain Age Checker?

Now there area unit some ways within which you’ll be able to check a website before you create a bid to buy it. you’ll be able to run a bulk domain age checker just in case you wish to envision quite one domain. you’ll be able to conjointly do use a website expiration date checker to understand once could be a domain expiring. you’ll be able to conjointly run a website registration date checker to examine once the domain was registered and has been operating. It’s terribly the same as checking a second hand automotive before you purchase it. You check the build, the model, the engine, the tires, etc. Similarly, you wish to envision the age, reputation, traffic, SEO techniques used before you purchase associate degree aged domain.

One of the simplest domain age checker tools that you simply will use is provided by smallseotool.com. you’ll be able to simply attend the domain age checker icon and click on on that. otherwise you will merely copy/paste smallseotools.com/domain-age-checker/ from here into the address bar of your search browser.

Enter the name that you simply wish to run a check on and click on on ‘Check.’ This handy tool can tell you the following:

Date created on


Domain updated on

Domain expiration date

IP Address

Name Servers

Way back


  1. What is Website Ping Tool

A ping take a look at is employed to ascertain if your pc is connected to a network. It’s usually wont to check if a pc is connected to the web. It conjointly determines whether or not the pc you’re checking is connected to the web and therefore the delay between 2 computers. A ping take a look at is run to a server to ascertain the latency between the pc running the ping take a look at and therefore the server.

People who area unit pc savvy knowledge to run a ping take a look at while not employing a utility or tool to run it. they’re going to move to the command on their pc and enter the ping command and name any web site in it. The result can show the milliseconds it takes to exchange a packet with the web site. It displays four results.

Some web speed tests conjointly show the results of the ping in establishing a affiliation to a server. an honest web speed take a look at can try and establish connections with 3 or four servers. The server that has the bottom affiliation time is employed to run the web speed take a look at.

  1. What is Website Seo Score Checker

A good SEO info is provided as a free and straightforward to use the tool by smallseotools.com. you’ll visit smallseotools.com from your search browser or copy/paste smallseotools.com/website-seo-score-checker within the navigation bar of your search browser.

Enter the uniform resource locator name of the web site that you would like to conduct associate degree SEO score check. it’d take your time in displaying the results of the Backlinks of a web site. the data displayed are going to be useful in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of an internet site. once you grasp the weaknesses, you’ll specialize in strengthening them so your web site starts to rank higher in its class.

You can use this free and informative tool to assess your and different websites. At the lowest of the results, it’ll show the website’s SEO score and certificate. It additionally provides the markup language code that may be copy/pasted within the website’s code to show the certificate.

With associate degree overall score of your web site and also the certificate, you currently grasp the areas of your web site that require to be strong. Once you have got removed the weaknesses and tweaked your web site, you ought to rerun the check. Run the check on your web site until you’re positive that every one its weak points are removed.

The tool developers keep a detailed watch on Google’s ranking criteria. This tool is updated whenever Google SEO score checking algorithmic rule is modified and becomes known

  1. What is Keyword Density Checker?

Using this keyword density tool doesn’t facilitate fix your mistakes, however it will determine your mistakes therefore you’ll create the suitable corrections. What’s distinctive concerning this keyword density tool is that you simply will enter a universal resource locator or paste a commentary, select the amount of keyword results to show, and the way several words per phrase (up to three words).

In a matter of seconds, your results can show and you’ll see each the count and density beginning with the foremost ofttimes used words and phrases. (Keyword density could be a calculated share supported the amount of times a word or phrase is employed, compared to the word count for that page.)

  1. What is Website Page Size Checker?

Website Page Size Checker is one amongst the various SEO tools that SmallSeoTools has developed over these years. this excellent tool, because the name suggests, may be a page size checker that may be accustomed recognize the page size of any specific address. it’s a magic tool that users will use to envision web site size on-line. If your web site takes longer than usual to load then maybe you wish to figure on the scale of your web site as a result of it may result in high bounce rate because the web users don’t tend to own the patience to attend for the net page to open. a mean little web content size is calculable to be twelve K which can load terribly quickly. The additional media on a page, the larger the page size and also the slower it’ll load. Embedded videos, images, audio, graphics, flash, and different styles of media can increase your page size. initial things initial, it’s vital for the health and performance of your web site that you just recognize the scale of your web site however the way to recognize the full size of a web site? That’s wherever website page size checker or page size inspector comes into play.

  1. What is Google Cache Checker?

This Google Page Cache Checker by SEO Tools instantly checks the Google page cache of your web pages. This is a quick and easy way to check if the pages on your website are included in Google’s search index. This tool will tell you if Google knows such web page exists and they have added it to their index, so it will be made visible in Google’s search results.

Feel free to check the Google page cache of your webpages anytime you desire with this online Google page cache checker tool to find out if your web pages are in Google’s search index.

Our online Google Page Cache Checker is extremely helpful for website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals. It does not require you to download anything, and you can use it anywhere as long as you are connected online. From the results, you can make a thorough analysis that you need quickly and without any hassles

  1. What is Mozrank Checker?

MozRank is one in every of the foremost standard and dependable metrics if you would like to live the authority of a website or website. Several webmasters and SEO consultants square measure exploitation MozRank as some extent of reference for optimizing search engines. it had been created by Moz, an organization that gives tools for computer program improvement.

MozRank of web content relies on the similar pages on the online that square measure joined to them additionally because the MozRank of these pages with links. this could conjointly mean that if the MozRank of the linking pages is high, there’s a larger probability that the MozRank of the receiving page of these links are going to be high too.

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