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Era of digital Marketing

Era of digital Marketing

As per the Indian digital marketing report, the first digital marketing was done by Guglielmo Marconi as he invented the radio and it was launched in 1971. After that the first electronic mail was send by ray Tomlinson to himself as nobody other knows about electronic mail or E-mail. After that day after day people start using smart channel for sending their message or documents from one to other and covers so far distance in few seconds through using digital medium. There was number of different digital channels created till 1990 and till 2000 Indian people also start involving in using those digital channels.

In India, from last 7 years the trend of being digital is increasing so rapidly. More over if we look in our day to day activity, we all are either directly or indirectly connected with different kind of digital channels for every small activities also. for example:- Now the days if people are required to buy any household item, personal item or business item the first step they do to search on internet for collection more information related to their required item.

More over for searching any location, study material, daily news or sharing any information, file, documents, photos or many other routine activities we all are depend on digital channels. From this we can judge how the society interaction is increasing in using digital channels day after day.

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